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Australian Drive School  Hadfield Instructors have many years experience of teaching in the South, Inner, North, West and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Australian Drive School  offers one to one tuition while practicing on road driving.

1.       Australian Drive School  Hadfield Instructors have extensive knowledge of the testing routes and does not only teach you how to get your driving licence but also to be a safe driver.
2.       Australian Drive School  hadfield instructors are members of the Australian Driver Trainers Association, (Safe Drivers for life).
3.       Australian Drive School  Instructors have over 20 years driving experience and follow ADTA’s strict code of ethics.
4.       Australian Drive School  Instructors also have the responsibility of making you feel relaxed and comfortable so that learning to drive is an enjoyable experience.
5.       Australian Drive School  Instructors are friendly, honest and very professional.
Australian Drive School  Hadfield provides driver training in the South, Inner, North, West and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.
·         Australian Drive School  Hadfield are one of the Australia's fastest growing national driving schools and have helped thousands of people pass their driving test with the minimum of fuss and hassle.
·         When you learn to drive with Australian Drive School  hadfield you can be confident of receiving a reliable, professional service.
·         Australian Drive School  Hadfield instructors are highly trained professionals.
·         Australian Drive School  Hadfield comprehensive teaching skills make learning to drive and passing your driving test a simple and enjoyable experience
·         Australian Drive School  hadfield instructors have been trained to deliver tuition to the highest standards, providing a service to you which is ‘second to none'.
·         With Australian Drive School  hadfield, we set out to make your learning experience fun and exciting and aim to help you reach that wonderful Australian driving licence as quickly and enjoyably as possible! Learning to drive is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.
·         Your driver's license means greater freedom and independence, but also greater responsibility. At Or Australian Drive School  hadfield, our driver training teaches the skills you need to be safe on the road.
·         Australian Drive School  Hadfield instructors will work with you in developing and maintaining important defensive driving habits. You will gain the skills and confidence needed to drive safely in all traffic situations.

Why Choose Us ?

1.       Australian Drive School  help you get your driving license first go

2.       Australian Drive School  a reliable, flexible & professional service in a safe friendly environment

3.       Australian Drive School  support our learners until they become good safe drivers

4.       Australian Drive School  support our learners gain the good driving skills, knowledge, experience, and safety in driving.

5.       Australian Drive School  are Providing the community with responsible and safe drivers

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